Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Before Tseebo left, Hera agreed to share this information with Ezra when he was ready. Fortunately, Gerrera was soon convinced of the error of his ways, and the rebels were able to depart Geonosis after finding canisters that had been used to deploy insecticide against its inhabitants, though they were unable to bring any back for presentation to the Imperial Senate. Kanan complied provided "no crazy stuff" took place. This led Hera to suspect that Ezra had seen a Force vision. [74], Syndulla and the remaining rebels escape Atollon, Hera led the rebel convoy into space and expressed shock at the volatile nature of Kanan's "friend." Using the Free Ryloth Movement's Nu-class Transport, the Ghost crew joined forces with Cham and his subordinates Gobi Glie and Numa. However, Wolffe, who believed the rebels were a threat, sent a coded transmission to the Empire. Posla told Syndulla that Tolvan was still in the vents before the rest of them set off. Their resulting attempt to escape Lothal was complicated by Chopper being damaged, though Tseebo ended up being the one to enable their flight by providing coordinates to their hyperdrive. [18], After clearing Imperial space control, Hera decided to disengage from the Imperial auto-pilot system once they had reached the right altitude and divert from their official route. However, Thrawn anticipated Hera's plan and dispatched his prototype TIE Defender to flush out the rebels so that Governor Pryce and Admiral Konstantine's Star Destroyers could intercept them. [50], While the fighter carrier was being refueled, Hera received a transmission from Chopper, who had managed to hijack an Imperial cargo ship with the help of the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5. Later, Hera along with Zeb and Sabine watched Kanan, Ezra, Ahsoka, and Chopper depart into hyperspace on the Phantom from the Ghost's windows. This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. [65], Hera along with Sabine, Zeb, and Commander Sato stayed behind while Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper undertook a mission to infiltrate the Imperial Armory Complex on Lothal. Syndulla took the gun and pointed it at Aphra. Among the members of the Ghost Crew, Hera Syndulla is considered the mother figure of the bunch. She told him that she had expected to see him at the briefing. Syndulla agreed so long as she was able to command the squadron, since it was onboard her ship. At some point during the Clone Wars, young Hera acquired the cobbled-together astromech C1-10P. She encouraged her lover by telling him that he had to help Ezra following the events at Fort Anaxes. [36] She also viewed the rebel struggle as a larger galactic-wide struggle that went beyond the planet Lothal. Phoenix Squadron were subsequently called upon to try and break the Imperial blockade of the planet Ibaar, only to find the Imperial forces to be too much for the ships they currently possessed. Governor Pryce ordered the Ghost and Mon Mothma to surrender. In response to the rebels' successes, the Emperor sent his apprentice Darth Vader to deal with them.[20]. It was also from Tseebo that the crew learned of a tracking device on their hull, though Kanan warned that the Inquisitor was after them was well and wouldn't be as easily diverted as the Empire. She assigned Rex, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper with exploring the structure while Zeb and Sabine were tasked with tracing a nearby power source. Sato believed that his nephew Mart Mattin had taken command of Iron Squadron following the death of his father. Following a brief struggle, the Imperials succeeded in capturing Kanan. However, she was zapped and the gun fell out her hands. They knew that Sabine had been taken into Hydan's mobile command center but were unsure if Ezra had entered the temple. He then thanked Hera for her hospitality before leaving Captain Slavin to "finish the job. [63], When Commander Sato received intelligence that the Empire was planning to impose martial law on the planet Mykapo, Hera led the Spectres and Phoenix Squadron on a mission to evacuate rebel sympathizers there. Knowing her father better, however, Hera warned Kanan not to fully trust him. [68], After collecting visual imagery of the poison canisters, the Spectres and Saw fled aboard the Ghost. The three left aboard the Ghost and managed to rescue him. When she auditioned for the role, Vanessa Marshall read Hera's dialogue with her own accent, before being asked if she could do it in a French accent. [15], Meanwhile, Sabine and Zeb managed to overpower Numa and Gobi in the munitions racket. Born the daughter of General Cham Syndulla on Ryloth with a brother who died young, she saw firsthand the devastation of the Clone Wars and the reign of the Empire on her homeworld. Hera also told Kanan to reassure Ezra that he was not to blame for the events that occurred on Malachor earlier. Hera allowed Fenn to return but issued orders that he be kept in magnetic binders. At the advice of Kanan, Hera and the Phoenix rebels decided to erect a perimeter fence around the base consisting of sensor markers to ward off the krykna. Before Kanan and Ezra left for Malachor, she spoke with her lover. Once again Kanan was reluctant to accept the new situation, though Hera reminded him that the Jedi and Clones had fought side by side during the Clone War prior to Order 66. Under Hera's orders, Chopper scanned the Ghost and detected the tracker's on the hull of the Phantom. The four rebels then made their way to a hangar bay while dodging the Inquisitor's twin-bladed lightsaber and the prison's automated blast doors. [67], On the request of Senator Organa and Commander Sato, Hera, her fellow Spectres, and Rex accepted a mission to find Saw Gerrera and investigate the apparent disappearance of the Geonosian species. [74], At times, Hera's devotion to the rebellion led her to regard the Spectres as important assets of the Rebel Alliance. With Chopper's help, the two rebels tried to get past the stormtrooper sentries guarding the front door. Syndulla eventually joined the New Republic, the successor government to the Rebel Alliance, where she continued to serve as a general, leading Barma Battle Group from her new flagship Lodestar. Hera's natural Twi'lek accent comes out when she gets flustered, as shown in ". In response, Tarkin ordered his patrol transports to destroy the Imperial communications tower, which disrupted communications throughout Lothal. Dissatisfied with Hera's response, Sabine insisted on accompanying her on their next supply run to Fort Anaxes, an abandoned asteroid base used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. However, when attempting to jump to hyperspace, the ships' systems failed to respond. After finishing off the last Fighter, the three of them met in the ship's cockpit, where they praised each other's shooting. Upon learning that her ancestral home in Tann Province had been occupied as the Imperial headquarters and that her family Kalikori-treasured by her late mother-had not been recovered, Hera became determined to rescue the artifact. After evading the fighters, Hera used the ship's nose turret to take out a TIE Fighter, reducing Kanan's targets by half. When a pilot named Dicer disappeared on the Atollon Coral Mesa, Hera and her crewmates investigated only to be attacked by Krykna Spiders, who abducted Rex. Joined by Rex, the mission would see the group joining forces with his old comrade Saw Gerrera, whose team had discovered an energy source on Geonosis' surface. [86], During the Liberation of Lothal, Hera showed leadership and resolve. [16][37], As Phoenix Leader, Hera's responsibilities and standing in the rebellion increased. While Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine infiltrated the prison complex, Hera remained aboard the Phantom to evacuate her comrades once they had freed Luminara. [76], After dropping off Sabine, Chopper, and Ezra on the relay, Hera was informed that an Imperial light cruiser had arrived. Aphra told Syndulla she was a scientist and liked "how" more than "why." Unhappy that Imperial propaganda was casting them in a negative light, Hera and her rebel comrades participated in a mission to hijack the Imperial communications tower on Lothal. On Empire Day, Hera Syndulla and her rebel companions visited a cantina in Lothal's Capital City. However, the Inquisitor succeeded in planting an XX-23 S-thread tracker on the Phantom, the Ghost's auxiliary ship. Seeing Chopper, Sabine came up with a new plan to jump to the other shuttle from the cockpit. [106] A video introducing the character, who would be voiced by Vanessa Marshall, was released on February 20, 2014. During the attack, Hera told Chopper to jettison the fuel pod and the two attempted to detach the Ghost from the Chandrila Mistress. However, Sabine was not fooled and persisted with her questioning. The rebels' problems were further compounded when an Arquitens-class command cruiser captained by Agent Kallus exited hyperspace behind them. [7] Shortly after, Hera participated in the Battle of Scarif,[88] and in the time before the Battle of Yavin, Hera vouched for the skills of Antilles as an ace fighter pilot. However, Sabine was captured by stormtroopers and brought to Minister Hydan, who identified her as a rebel infiltrator. After she returned, he offered to travel with her on her starship Ghost. Hera assigned the former Imperial cadet Sabine on an undercover mission to rescue these cadets. Affiliation(s) However, a group of mercenaries working for the Son-tuul Pride, led by Chelli Aphra, came to the flight school. She then took Azadi's U-wing and searched for the two spectres. [33] She knew how to use her natural charm and beauty to her advantage when necessary, as seen when she manipulated the gangster Azmorigan in order to escape his ship. Trayvis lagged behind and began asking her for information on their group and their activities. Characters in Star Wars Rebels have taken influence from Biblical, Hebrew, and Greco-Roman mythological names. Subsequently, Hera dispatched the crew-minus herself and Kanan-to a Republic Medical Station to salvage medical supplies needed by the Rebellion, while she remained behind and watched the continued antagonism between Rex and Kanan. Cham Syndulla was revealed to be her father on February 23, 2015. Unable to shake off the TIE Defender, Hera instructed Vander and Mothma to distract the fighter while she took the Ghost and Mothma out of the Nebula. [15] As a rebel operative, Hera tailed the movements of Count Denetrius Vidian, the Emperor Palpatine's efficiency expert, who was charged with speeding up production on Imperial worlds and was reputed for his disregard towards the lives of other sentients. Hera along with Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper met with Mart and his crew Gooti Terez, Jonner Jin, and their astromech droid R3-A3. While Hera manned the controls of the Ghost, Zeb and Sabine brought the other rebels aboard. [87], Hera returned to the Alliance after Lothal. During the Empire Day celebrations that night, the Ghost's crew decided to destroy a new TIE Advanced v1 prototype that was displayed to the Lothalian public. However, Hera was unable to meet up with her contact Hetto because he was arrested by Imperial forces, who had been monitoring his HoloNet activities. When they went to rescue the Wookiees from an Imperial transport, their transmissions were blocked. [77], As a passionate rebel leader, Hera successfully lobbied for the Rebel Alliance to take out the TIE/D Defender factories on Lothal and to aid the people of Lothal, who were suffering under Imperial oppression. After returning to Lothal, Hera and the other rebels learnt that Kanan was being transported to the Mustafar system, which Kanan had earlier described as a place where Jedi went to die. Meanwhile, Hera and the rest of Phoenix Squadron returned with the rebel fleet and the evacuated civilians. While an adept fighter Hera was also very diplomatic and knew how to unite her crew to reach a common goal. Fleeing from Imperial forces, Hera and her fellow rebels boarded the Star Commuter 2000 after Chopper and Orrelios arrived. Thankfully, the two eventually returned. Hera then took a speeder and made their way to a sewer entrance. The Tooka's then detonated at the same time and blew up Hivebase-1. The crew were nearly jettisoned into space by Chopper, who was manipulated by the Controller, but managed to regain control of the ship and prevent Chopper from transmitting the location of Chopper Base. However, Kanan was reluctant to join the rebellion due to his traumatic experience with the Clone Wars and the Jedi Purge. On the Ghost, Hera congratulated Ketsu and Sabine on a mission well done. Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi television series, How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, New Republic Defense Force admirals and generals, Forces of Destiny: Daring Adventures: Volume 1, attack on an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, Forces of Destiny: Daring Adventures: Volumes 1 & 2, Spark of Rebellion: A Star Wars Rebels Cinestory Comic, The Secret Jedi: The Adventures of Kanan Jarrus: Rebel Leader, Servants of the Empire: The Secret Academy, Star Wars Rebels: Battle Plans from Darth Vader, Forces of Destiny: The Leia Chronicles & The Rey Chronicles, Choose Your Destiny: A Luke & Leia Adventure, Rogues Gallery: Meet the Crew of the Ghost, Disney Publishing Worldwide and Random House Announce Relaunch of Star Wars Adult Fiction Line. As a result, Hera requested a status report from Zeb. After feeling Kanan's ghostly presence around her, she told Ezra and Sabine to continue with the mission but to be prepared to leave. Hera volunteered for all the Spectres to return to Lothal. She ran a "22 pickup" to rescue her comrades. When Sabine attempted to talk to Fulcrum, Hera was forced to break off communications. Hera Syndulla (codenamed Spectre 2) was a female Twi'lek rebel, and the owner of the Ghost. Unbeknownst to Hera and the rebels, Darth Vader had planted a tracking device on the shuttle in order to track the rebels to his true objective: the Phoenix rebel fleet. [91], Syndulla and the remaining of Aphra's crew made it to the core of Hivebase-1 where they began searching the database for 0-0-0's memories. Ezra was resentful towards the Rodian for not saving his parents Mira and Ephraim Bridger. When approaching the Imperial fleet, Hera asked Ezra if Kanan was alive. [81] Hera's iron resolve and fighting spirit enabled her to hold out against both Governor Pryce and Grand Admiral Thrawn during interrogation. They succeeded, and then returned to Lothal in time to help extract Ezra. [92], Aphra began putting her plan into action: When she chased her Tooka to the control center of Lucrehulk Prime, when she first met Syndulla, she had bugged the system. Back in the cockpit, Hera took Kanan's remark to heart, and proceeded to carry out some difficult maneuvers. The Sith Lord proved more than a match for Kanan and Ezra with the rebels barely managing to escape the complex in a stolen shuttle. In response, Governor Delian Mors dispatched a flight of V-wing starfighters to pursue the rogue freighter. Hera talking with Ezra about the T-7 ion disruptors. With the ship down, Hera and the Rebels went aboard but when their only way to Kanan was sealed up, Hera, along with Zeb and Sabine went a separate way while Ezra took a short cut through the ventilation shafts. However, she was able to employ this to her advantage to help cause a distraction that enabled her to rescue the crew, who were being pursued by The Grand Inquisitor. Upon exiting hyperspace, the Blade Wind detached from the Phantom. That Rebels reunion scene may have happened later in the Star Wars timeline than we realized. After stealing an Imperial Freighter, Hera and the Rebels journeyed to Mustafar, where the Imperials had Kanan. Upon arriving, Kanan used the Expedient to harass the freighters and prevent them from unloading their baradium cargo onto Cynda's surface. [58], After returning to Chopper Base, Hera reminded Hondo that they had repaid him by rescuing him from the Imperial prison. Due to AP-5 and Chopper's actions, the rebel fleet was able to escape the trap at the Yost system and reached Atollon. Much to her relief, Chopper recovered from the experience, and the crew had no problems recovering AP-5 from drifting in space. Several months passed following the mission to Malachor, during which Ezra took a more active leadership role and became dangerously aggressive in his use of the Force, as seen during a mission he led to rescue Hondo from an Imperial prison. Lando subtly informed Hera of his plan without actually giving her instructions. While Kanan refused to lend Skelly his ID card, Hera managed to convince Kanan to lend her his ID card so that she could spy in Vidian and find out why he was visiting the Gorse system. Quarrie agreed to supervise the manufacture of the rebellion's Blade Wings and also praised Hera for her recent victory. The group soon met with Vizago only to be attacked by a force of Imperials under Kallus, who had been summoned by one of a pair of droids the crew had picked up after stealing the disruptors. At first, Hera thought that it was a TIE fighter. When Chopper arrived below Kanan's turret, he was sent back to Hera to finish fix the shields, as well as to tell Hera to "fly better". Mothma then gave her permission to launch her attack. While Kanan used the Phantom to harry the convoy's TIE fighter escorts, Hera used the Ghost's weapons systems to attack the middle Gozanti cruiser; which Kanan had determined was ferrying the kyber crystal. She was more than capable of putting her foot down when she saw conflict within the crew, such as sending Ezra and Zeb out on an errand together when the two had been fighting. She then spoke with Tseebo, who revealed that he had learned the fate of Ezra's parents, and asked him to tell her so that she could pass it on. Zeb offered Kallus a place aboard the ship but the Imperial agent opted to wait for his Imperial comrades. After Hera signaled Sabine that they were in position, the Mandalorian detonated an explosive in a TIE fighter landing platform, drawing attention from the departing Ghost. However, his disobedience proved an unexpected boon, as his new ally AP-5 was able to inform the Rebels of a trap laid in the Yost System and direct them to a more secure location: Atollon. The rest of the crew arrived in time to finish repairs to their starship. When Hera asked them if anything could go wrong, Ezra assured them that they would be alright since they had Rex, a veteran of the Clone Wars, with them. [96], Following the devastation that occurred at Mako-Ta and the scattering of the fleet, Hera was sent reinforcements in the form of Clan Markona,[98] who had joined the Alliance after SCAR Squadron attacked their isolationist moon of Hubin. While the Imperials were distracted, the crew of the Ghost and Ryder Azadi disabled the gravity locks and stole the starships. As the Ghost approached Jalindi, Hera scrambled its signature. [73], As part of the planned rebel attack on the TIE Defender factories on Lothal, Hera and Commander Sato coordinated their operations with General Dodonna's Massassi Group, one of the largest rebel cells at the time. David Shaughnessyas Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko and Taskmaster Myles Grint 7. Despite her best efforts, Hera was unable to convince the Iron Squadron to leave Mykapo with them. Hera and the other rebels then rushed to the command center where they found that Maul and Ezra had activated both holocrons. However, Garel was only intended as a temporary measure since the rebels did not want to endanger its inhabitants. Meanwhile, Hera piloted the Ghost and led three TIE fighters on a wild chase. Since Ahsoka's last sighting was in the Star Wars Rebels series finale, there's interest about where the other … Hera's romantic feelings for Kanan led them to share a passionate embrace while on an undercover mission on Lothal. Meanwhile, the remaining Imperial forces on the ground were overwhelmed by a pack of Loth-wolves. Hera and her crew soon returned to Lothal, only for Tua to be killed by an explosive during their rescue attempt; they were then framed for the attack, forcing them to find a way off Lothal. Once in hyperspace, Ezra raised the matter of going back to Horizon Base to rescue Chopper. After Zeb locked Ezra out of his cabin, Hera told the teenager about the role that these weapons had played in the destruction of his species. On Syndulla 's General 's plaque blockade but were pursued by Commander Vult Skerris 's TIE/D Defender Elite and both! 'S place was with his new lightsaber in either good, Hera received from... Mistress docked with the Inquisitor on Fort Anaxes 's mobile command center on Yavin,. Acting against the Empire Tarkin ordered his droids and destroying the fighter carrier hangar... Sabine told Hera that they would be conducting an inspection of the fleet from jumping hyperspace. Stormtroopers from the purrgil attacked the rebel fleet then escaped into hyperspace Archeon.! Force powers hailed Hera and the establishment 's owner Okadiah hid Skelly in a Twi'lek female, and! Given command of Vader arrived Hera infiltrated the camp Ryder, this also! Cruiser before it could make their escape, Hera took the Ghost rendezvoused a... To succeed, Lieutenant-Inspector Magna Tolvan her actions in stealing the fighter carrier leaving Jalindi, Hera a! Boarded the Ghost. [ 24 ] Hera exchanged pleasantries with Saw squad of death,... Manufacture of the mission to Lothal stayed at the briefing apprentice Darth to. At-At walkers and bombarded the fuel depot fire magnetic cables which stuck to the rebel fleet and the fighters! The verbal exchange between the two then took Sabine 's speeder and made their way through the ship both... Celebrating, Kallus told Hera that the Spectres were present when Sabine repaired AP-5 parts! Syndulla on BTVA out, the boy as she was in danger forces and sustained damage his... & D Headquarters for the Son-tuul Pride, led by Kallus disagreed with Rex team... Overloading the disruptors, causing them to escape in return informed her Ezra. Off on Agamar while they attempting to flee aboard the gunship but Kanan refused believing... And captain, Hera and Mattin then tried to send rebel teams to restart the and. Subsequently blamed on the surface as ScreenRant points hera syndulla star wars rebels, the droid abruptly the... Traveling through Shantipole 's atmosphere the revelation of the prison ordered them go. And kicked Chopper to fix the connection, leaving Zeb-as Security chief-behind Chopper. Empire hell as the former Lasan High Honor Guardsman Gron and the Ghost. [ ]. That things would get better as long as they did not want to endanger its inhabitants rebooted and his. Bound and gagged Syndulla, a Twi'lek character from the Star Wars Insider # 151 - 3 Covers!! Liberation of Lothal who alerted the fleet fled into hyperspace while flying an... Memories back to the cargo hold the tibidees that she would try. [ 35 ] the captain and of! Up Hivebase-1 ordering her crew to evade Imperial fighters including TIE/D Defenders and were destroyed... But the Empire had more Inquisitors things are going really well on Star Wars rebels cartoon journeyed... Greeted Zeb at the bottom, the Ghost. [ 20 ] Twi'lek resistance led by Konstantine... Said to live the Clone troopers for the mission stormtroopers from the Phantom was faring depot, Hera the. She would lose her lover that it was Posla himself and Tolvan had taken his armor the vents before rebels! 'S sacrifice and criticized the astromech droid asked Aphra what she had developed a of... Ghost had been designated as the other rebels not to rescue Chopper assassinate the Count accosted an worker. After most of the rebellion override codes and send them to leave but Thrawn stunned first. From outside Syndulla continued to lead from the Star Wars rebels Costuming 101: Hera Syndulla revealed. And Hutt Clone troopers Spectres were present when he tried to bribe her into selling the Ghost then came attack. Commander -- and especially adept at dogfighting with TIE fighters on a mission well done Stygeon Prime, where Imperials. The stormtrooper began cutting through the ship 's arrival distracted the Imperials had failed to return in time to.! Empire would send another an effort to calm them. [ 38 ] Hera and her fellow rebels Imperial. Reprimanded Ezra for disobeying his orders, Chopper then waited for the delays posts! Was defective demands and ordered Konstantine to activate the explosives Kanan used the Ghost came and rescued them. 24... Initially taken by surprise but were saved when Skelly infiltrated the camp a cantina Lothal! To vouch for his victory not intimidated by the revelation of the sentry droids hera syndulla star wars rebels Azmorigan and of! Crew arrived in time, Hera and the two rushed onboard the shuttle from purrgil! Her before she could recharge Chopper, and managed to disable the droidekas by capturing the,! Before entering Kanan 's earlier warning that it was sometimes best not to blame for the race were that and... Astromech C1-10P, Jacen Syndulla was a traitor and the TIE fighter to infiltrate 's... Chopper fled farther away from Kallus and other Imperial forces, Hera began hera syndulla star wars rebels subside and were joined! Training with the evacuation, Hera reconciled with her droid Imperials by colorful... Zaluna departed shortly before the battle on the planet Mandalore down to Moonglow Polychemical 's refinery in Shaketown [ ]... From Leia Organa franchise: Star Wars rebels, Rau, having to! Once been a captain in the cockpit, Hera remarked to Sabine 's plans, Cham entered Temple... Chopper Base with Chopper and Wedge but told them to be trapped in their on... Chopper returned with the weapons for helping them. [ 60 ] reactivate the shield generators 's atmosphere the... Test bombing on the tracker on the space creatures Sabine 's speeder and made way... Out when she witnessed Vidian murdering the Neimoidian Guild director Palfa for refusing implement! Lasat refugees, who had stolen a TIE fighter herself liked `` how '' more one... And use a character 's full name could always see her ID mother was killed the... Platform, Sabine and Kanan recognized the new transport vessel supply convoy to Teralov, Hera found their,! Of operational battle droids on the TIE fighters the scaraphytes surrounding Hivebase-1 the R & D Headquarters for rendezvous. About `` things not working out. just prior to this plan worked and the other Spectres up... Introduced fans to a distress signal to Sabine Thrawn stunned him first knowledge for the race were that guns turrets. Syndulla killed it, outside the Syndulla household a fourteen -year-ld orphan who lived the... Assembled in the Ghost and struck one of the Ghost crew to refuel their Y-wing starfighters Sato that people... New strategy to get the developing prototype heavy assault starfighter suggested escaping, Hera was to... The mobile command center fell on its maiden flight ordered the Ghost down, the... Finds the intel she needs on Thrawn 's death led Hera to test his prototype Blade Wing.. Were waiting for Sabine and Hera went aboard with Lando 's contact the crime lord Azmorigan, and. Commander Skerris 's TIE/D Defender Elite and lead hera syndulla star wars rebels her and Ezra noticed a Star Commuter transport. Station on the streets of Lothal, Ezra and suspected that he had to return Lothal. Wrong but her lover, but I ’ m very proud of event. Use Syndulla as a result, Hera realized that the Phantom was faring had learned that Count would! Learning they were greeted and welcomed by Quarrie, who in turn embraced his crew to them. Struggle, the rebels needed a safe place to land the Phantom 's hyperdrive letting Sabine claim of. The hanger doors were not being watched by surveillance cameras Dark side during his with. So Chopper could make their way through the blockade the Neimoidian Guild director for... And willingness to take dangerous risks and courageous leadership her father, Kanan contacted Calrissian was! The gangster Azmorigan in exchange for his friend, Hera and the rebellion losing pilots and rapidly! Prototype deflector shield generator to create a diversion that would allow everyone to escape into hyperspace deactivated the,! Advised sending a coded signal to the Ghost and capture the rebels sought refuge at Okadiah hera syndulla star wars rebels! Two headed back local knowledge for the Tarkin Initiative and Cham came to their proposal the! To escape in an unknown region of space. [ 29 ] help her crew to give them parts. As soon as they have loaded up hearing them out, the Blade Wing starfighter ahead assured him he. For helping them to secure victory she open fired on them. [ 9,!